Second is defeated in Bliesransbach

News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

Our second team went to Bliesransbach for the second game of the season on Sunday. Our Spvgg wanted to be better this time after the 2 goals against in the previous week and keep the "5" as long as possible. But after 0 minutes, SC Blies was able to take the lead in the first home game of the season through Jonas Richter. Björn Döhring did the preparatory work with a fine pass.

Quiersche hit back promptly. In the 18th minute, a sharp free-kick from Jonas Fernsner and a "Raaschbacher" pushed the ball to make it 1-1 into his own net. 5 minutes later even the tour! Fernsner did the preparatory work again, Hendrik Grätz was there and scored with his fourth goal of the season to make it 1: 2. But before the break, the home team turned the game. In the 35th minute, Rocco Borsellino equalized 2: 2 and, shortly before the break, Andreas Tide made it 3: 2 after another submission by the strong Döhring.

Again 3 goals conceded in 45 minutes, our team has to work on defensive behavior here, especially because you could strike twice yourself. In the second half it worked better, also because there was a little more relief at the front. But at first there were no compelling opportunities. Up to the 80th minute, because our team managed the 3: 3 through Fernsner, but referee Christopher Dahm decided offside.

Until the last minute our team tried to take at least one point. In the end also with the leading central defenders Robin Gehring and Yannik Eiler to try the crowbar. Bliesransbach took advantage of the resulting gaps and scored in stoppage time through Döhring to make it 4-2.

So our team was left empty-handed and will have to improve in the next few games to hopefully get the first three. On Sunday it goes to Kleinblittersdorf (16:00 p.m.).


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