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Customs ensured 270 kg of hookah tobacco

Saarbrücken / Kaiserslautern (ots) - 270 kg of untaxed hookah tobacco was ensured by the control unit of the main customs office in Saarbrücken on April 07 at 14.00 p.m. on Autobahn 6 between Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken.

The 42-year-old Southeast European driver stated that he was traveling privately and was driving the small van from the Rhein-Neckar district to Saarbrücken. The customs officers then checked the loading area and discovered 37 boxes with a total of 270 kilograms of water pipe tobacco - without tax stamps.

Hookah tobacco is subject to tobacco tax in Germany and may only be sold after the tobacco tax has been paid. As proof that the tobacco tax has been paid, tax stamps must be attached to the packaging. No tax stamps were stuck to the seized cans of hookah tobacco.

Criminal proceedings were initiated against the driver on suspicion of tobacco tax evasion and hookah tobacco was seized. The further investigation was carried out by the customs investigation office in Frankfurt am Main - Kaiserslautern office.

Additional information: The amount of the tobacco tax depends on the sales price, but is at least 22 euros per kilogram.

The dealer must ensure that the tax symbols have been affixed and that they are preserved intact. The sale of hookah tobacco without control characters or with control characters already violated is not permitted.

Anyone who buys hookah tobacco without tax stamps commits tax theft.

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Originally written by: Hauptzollamt Saarbrücken

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