Customs seize the bus

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Saarbrücken / Merzig (ots) - On September 06th at around 21.00 p.m., the traffic route control unit at the main customs office in Saarbrücken checked a bus on Autobahn 8 near Merzig that was going from Great Britain to Romania. The review of the company revealed that the tour operator owed almost EUR 20.000 in taxes to a German tax office. The bus was then seized.

Foreign tax evaders are summarized in the national border alert list so that customs officers can access this information quickly and easily during controls. This allows open claims to be enforced directly on site - in cash or by attachment of property. In addition to outstanding amounts from customs, public law claims from tax offices, health insurance companies and professional associations are also stored in this border alert list.

"Enforcement measures are far-reaching interventions in personal or corporate rights and are therefore based on clear legal requirements," says Dominik Brach, press spokesman for the main customs office in Saarbrücken. "We always check the proportionality of our actions very conscientiously."

The passengers and the three bus drivers, for whom it was no longer possible to continue their journey, were accommodated by the bus company in nearby hotels.

The company manager now has the choice of paying the outstanding amounts to customs or auctioning the bus to cover tax debts. At least temporarily, the Southeast European company has no access to the bus.

In the event of an auction, the seized items are usually auctioned on the Internet at As a result, a larger group of people is addressed and higher revenues are achieved.

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Originally written by: Main customs office in Saarbrücken

The text is a press release from the responsible police authority. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team.