Ziemiak: Combine climate protection and jobs

Ruhr area, about dts
Ruhr area, about dts
CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak recommends climate protection activists to elect the CDU and CSU.

When asked why someone who marches in “Fridays for Future” should vote for the Union, he told the news portal Watson: “Because we are the party that ensures that society as a whole is taken along when it comes to climate protection. Only if we ensure broad acceptance will we make long-term progress on climate protection. "

For example, climate protection and job protection should not be “played off against each other”, but should be “realistic proposals and a holistic approach” to ensure that “both go together”. It is important to rely on the "principle of technology openness". “Politicians cannot dictate which technology best protects the climate.” This is where you need this openness.

“We have a clear goal: 55 percent reduction in CO2 by 2030.” Regarding the criticism of many climate protection activists and scientists that the German CO2 reduction targets are not too ambitious, Ziemiak said: “We will achieve the target of a maximum of 1,5 degrees global temperature increase only if other states also participate. In Europe we can only set common goals, as Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has already said. ”There is no scientist who claims that Germany alone can stop global warming if nothing changes in other parts of the world.

The reduction of 55 percent by 2030 is "challenging". At the same time, you need people's acceptance, you have to master an economic structural change and secure jobs.