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Witness call after a traffic accident escape in Völklingen on June 25.06.2020, XNUMX

Völklingen (ots) - A red Hyundai Accent with Völklingen district code was parked in a parking garage on Richardstrasse in 20.06.2020 Völklingen in the period from Saturday, June 14, 00 at around 27.06.2020:13 p.m. to Saturday, June 0, 66333 at around 27.06.2020:25.06.2020 p.m. When the driver returned to his Hyundai on June 12, 00, he discovered that the Hyundai had been freshly damaged, as well as an indication of the time of the accident. Accordingly, the accident should have occurred on June 06898th, 2020 around XNUMX: XNUMXh. Anyone who can provide information about the cause or who has witnessed the incident is asked to contact the Völklingen police inspection department at XNUMX/XNUMX or any other office.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Völklingen

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