Call for witnesses after a traffic accident escape in Saarbrücken-Rußhütte

| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern
| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern

Saarbrücken-Rußhütte (ots) - In the period between 13.08.2020/16/00, 14.08.2020:13 p.m. and 00/1/XNUMX, XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., a VW Golf was damaged in a traffic accident in the street “Am Emmersberg” near property no . The vehicle was parked in front of a property and showed grazing damage in the area of ​​the front, left fender. The cause of the accident left the scene of the accident undetected.

The police are now looking for witnesses who can provide information about who caused the accident. Please contact the Saarbrücken-Burbach police station on 0681/97150.

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Posted by: Saarbrücken-Burbach police inspection

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