Call for witnesses after a serious traffic accident on the B 269 between Alsweiler and Tholey

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Tholey (ots) - On Wednesday, 09.09.2020, around 14.00 p.m., a serious traffic accident occurred on the B 269 between Alsweiler and Tholey. A 52-year-old car driver from the Tholey community, who lived in Alsweiler in Rtg. Tholey was on the move with her car in the oncoming traffic. Here she hit the rear of an oncoming car, which was occupied by 2 people. The woman's vehicle did not come to a standstill here, but hit a head-on truck that was also traveling in the opposite direction and was also occupied by 2 people. The aforementioned 52-year-old car driver then had to be rescued from the vehicle by the alarmed fire brigade and had to be taken to a clinic by rescue helicopter, seriously injured. A press release from the fire brigade reported on the traffic accident and the rescue measures carried out. In addition, 3 other people from the vehicles involved in the accident were injured in the traffic accident and had to receive medical attention.

A traffic accident expert was called in to clarify the cause of the accident. In addition, the St. Wendel police are also looking for witnesses beyond those involved in the accident who can provide information about the traffic accident.

The B 269 had to be completely closed on the above-mentioned section of the route until the evening hours. There were traffic delays in this area.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Sankt Wendel

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