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Witnesses searched for insult

Bad Kreuznach (ots) - On Sunday morning there was said to be an insult to the disadvantage of a 10-year-old driver of the vehicle from an unknown pedestrian at 00:59 am at the confluence of Wilhelmstraße and Salinenstraße. The 59-year-old victim was here with his car stopping at the red-pointing traffic light when the unknown suspect crosses the street and shows his middle finger for no apparent reason. The unknown suspect then moves away. The crime is said to have been observed by witnesses not known by name. The accused could be described by the victim as follows: male, 18-25 years old, darker skin tone, slim figure, dressed in shorts, T-shirt and 'slippers', short hair, no beard, no glasses. The Bad Kreuznach police asked for information on the unknown pedestrian.

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Originally written by: Bad Kreuznach Police Directorate

The text is a press release from the Bad Kreuznach police department. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team.

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