Witnesses wanted Attempted break-in attempt in Aussiedlerhof

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| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Bad Kreuznach (ots) - On Friday, October 02.10.2020nd, 03.30, at around 420:420 a.m., there was an attempted break-in attempt at an Aussiedlerhof near Frei-Laubersheim. A resident of the farm, who can be reached from the B 0671, reported that someone had tried to break into him. When the communicator heard noises, he turned on the light and checked. He could no longer perceive people. As it turned out, the hitherto unknown perpetrator had broken the kitchen window, but was then able to escape undetected. An immediate manhunt was unsuccessful. The police asked for clues and asked: Who made suspicious observations in the area of ​​the B 8811 at Frei-Laubersheim or in the immediate vicinity? Please contact the Bad Kreuznach police on 100 XNUMX-XNUMX for any relevant information

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Originally written by: Bad Kreuznach Police Directorate

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