The number of new infections has fallen significantly

Sign on mask requirement, above dts
Sign on mask requirement, above dts
The number of new infections with the corona virus fell significantly on Sunday compared to the value on Sunday last week.

This is shown by direct queries from the 401 independent cities and districts, which are evaluated daily at 20 p.m. by the dts news agency. Accordingly, 24 new infections were registered within 13.357 hours, 13,6 percent less than a week ago.

This is the sharpest decline since the end of August. The figures from the Robert Koch Institute often deviate from this local authority survey, but the trend is always the same. The RKI numbers on Tuesday and Saturday last week also showed declining numbers of new infections compared to the previous week, but the numbers rose in between. Overall, however, the rates of increase have been falling almost continuously for the past three weeks.

Previously, the number of new infections had more than doubled within seven days. The numbers are also increasing more slowly in intensive care units. On Sunday evening, 3.386 Covid 19 patients were treated intensively, 1,8 percent more than the day before. With constant rates of increase, this corresponds to a future doubling time of 38 days; in retrospect, the numbers have currently doubled within 18 days.