Wulff warns against excessive behavior when dealing with celebrities

Christian Wulff, about dts
Christian Wulff, about dts
In the debate about the media dealings with celebrities, former President Christian Wulff warned against excessive sharpness.

"We all have to warn against excess, the destruction of people who go public," he told the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung". After all, democracy must be encouraged to “show themselves despite the risks and give up their knowledge and thinking”.

If they then came into a devastating hurricane, it would be devastating for a plural society and the culture of argument that is necessary in it. "There is a need to distinguish between sharp criticism and brutal destruction," said Wulff. In his personal case, for example, “fake news” had played a role in the run-up to his resignation. In parts, one can therefore speak of a “media affair”. Today, “social” networks have the additional potential to cause immense damage, Wulff complained.

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