Wood adventure days on the alpine pasture - pure action!

Speed ​​carving
Speed ​​carving, image: Alm events

From April 29 to May 01, 2018, everything revolves around wood at the “Holzerlebnistage” on the Alm in Landsweiler-Reden. Speed ​​carving, Formula 1 chainsaw carving and much more are on offer!

Speed ​​carving is carving with a chainsaw for a limited time. True works of art made of wood are created in the shortest possible time (approx. 60 minutes).

Experience the creation of the artwork up close

The spectators have the opportunity to follow the entire process from the raw trunk to the finished artwork and then to auction the resulting artwork directly.

Wood adventure days
The adventure days on the alp

Since this is an official qualification event, the best "carver" will be able to participate in the German Speedcarving Championship.

The moderated auction of the wooden art works is only one of the highlights around the wooden adventure days.

There will also be a big raffle of many other prizes as well as an exceptional grand prize. The chainsaw artists will also work on other large works of art every day.
Many hands-on activities for children and young people are planned around the material wood (wood experience workshop, handicraft workshops, bee project and much more) as well as a wood craft market and alpine morning pint with traditional maypole hike and maypole spots on May 1st.

The exact times for the day's program will follow shortly.
But it is already clear that there will be a lot going on on these three days on the mountain pasture, and not just for wood enthusiasts - and the best thing is: admission is free on all three days!

Further information on the program can be found at: www.alm-events.de

May has many other events in its luggage. The UNSERDING Tropical Mountain will take place on May 18.05.2018, XNUMX. All friends of electronic music will get their money's worth here.

Attention: From April 01.04.2018st, 5 the competition for the Tropical Mountain will be running on our Facebook page! Win 2 x 39,90 tickets each worth € XNUMX / card!

On May 19.05.2018, 1 the SR20.05.2018 Alm Open-Air rises and on May XNUMX, XNUMX the Bergehalde in Landsweiler-Reden becomes a party zone, because then "La Fiesta" will take place with well-known mood makers.

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