Wissing calls on Union to change course

Election posters of FDP and CDU, about dts
Election posters of FDP and CDU, about dts
The designated FDP General Secretary Volker Wissing calls on the CDU to change course with a view to future coalitions and hopes that Armin Laschet will become the new CDU chairman.

“The FDP is striving for government participation and the Union is a possible partner for us. However, it then has to accept a different course in economic policy, ”Wissing told Focus.

The current federal government is strongly turning away from the social market economy. Wissing criticized the politics of the Federal Minister of Economics particularly clearly. Peter Altmaier (CDU) is "getting into the French industrial policy model, which is characterized by a high degree of state interventionism and is much more inefficient than ours". Here you hold against it, said the FDP politician the Focus.

At the same time, he criticized the CDU / CSU's proximity to the Greens. This closeness “worries me”. Instead, he would like to see more content related to the FDP. “After all, we have Ludwig Erhard's economic and political legacy in our program. The CDU needs clarification regarding the content, we do not. "

Wissing openly spoke out in favor of Armin Laschet as future CDU chairman: “I would like Armin Laschet. Laschet values ​​the FDP and likes to govern with us. ”An election of Laschet as CDU leader“ would also be a signal for the FDP ”.