Solar system, about dts
Solar system, about dts

Economy defends “Green Deal” in corona crisis

The Veronika Grimm economy opposed the European Christian Democrats' initiative to put the climate protection program "Green Deal" on hold in the face of the corona crisis.

"The revival of the European economy must go hand in hand with the 'Green Deal'," said the economist to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Wednesday editions). "Business areas related to climate-neutral technologies and products offer particularly great opportunities for the competitiveness of European industry."

The automotive, mechanical engineering and chemical industries could also benefit. "We should use the corona crisis to accelerate structural change," said the member of the expert council to assess the macroeconomic development. The Christian Democrat leader in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber, had told the Funke newspapers: "We have to stabilize the industry before we lead it into a climate-neutral future." The first task is an assessment of what additional requirements mean for our companies.

"Only then are new regulations on climate protection conceivable." According to Weber, the “Green Deal” is now easy to implement, “legislation would be in blind flight”. The European economy is in free fall.

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