Once again, the state government stands in its way

The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.
The editor of the Regio-Journal on topics that move him.
Today the details of the care bonus in Saarland became known. Once again, the full-bodied announcements are followed by half-baked solutions. A comment.

After the ridiculous and embarrassing for a government institution Failure to answer our press inquiry and with it the clarification of whether the care bonus had actually been decided or just a declaration of intent, as the Süddeutsche Zeitung called it, followed today details about the care bonus in Saarland.

The ministry's press release was clear: “The Saarland is acting: the state government decides to top up the federal special bonus with an additional 500 euros ”and“ That is why the Saarland state government has decided to pay an additional 1.000 euros to employees in geriatric care in Saarland in addition to the 500 euros decided by the federal government".

However, what was published today was more the "typical bureaucratic" process:Already on May 13, the state government announced on the sidelines of the plenary session of the Saarland state parliament that a special payment of up to 500 euros to employees in geriatric care in Saarland is planned."

At this point it should be clearly stated that the state government did not speak of an "up to" payment, the quotations above are clear.

Instead of finding a settlement that goes hand in hand with the payment of the "Federal Corona Bonus", nurses must now submit their application themselves by July 31.07.2020, XNUMX. This procedure is extremely cumbersome since employers are already paying out the “federal bonus”. Now the employee has to fill out the forms himself - and present one to the employer. The madness of bureaucracy strikes completely.

The fact that this “application” with forms to be signed by the employer makes the applicant a petitioner is mentioned only once.

All employees of the hospitals were just left out of the care bonus.

It should also be mentioned here that it was these people who treated the French patients who had been brought to Saarland generously and effectively by the state government for treatment. That we don't get ourselves wrong here: The Saarland had free capacity and it was right and natural that these free capacities should be offered to the neighbors.

It is outrageous that these treated doctors, nurses and helpers are not considered.

The fact that this bonus is now being reduced not only does not correspond to what was initially propagated, but also shows, with a view to the decision to increase the diet, how small-scale it is partly thought in the state government.

The statement that only "registered" nurses should receive the bonus has proven to be wrong. Verdi has now corrected her position here.

However, Verdi calls for improvements, since only nurses are taken into account, but not other groups.

The state government has once again missed the fact that the pithy words about the "hard-working helpers" in nursing are followed by deeds. With the pipette, people are now selected who earn a bonus. What the employees at the cash registers in supermarkets, logistics, hospitals and all those people who are once again ignored will think about it at the next election. But then again it is certainly just "protest voters".

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The original contribution included Verdi's claim that only certified personnel should receive the state bonus. This turned out to be wrong, so the article was adjusted accordingly.

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