Important home win against Püttlingen

News from Spvgg Quierschied 2
News from Spvgg Quierschied 2

On the 19th matchday of the Landesliga Süd our second team received the FV Püttlingen. The guest plays a very strong round, which is also reflected in the table. Due to the poor preparation and the unacceptable appearance in Bliesransbach, the coaches Woll and Eiler requested a reaction from the team.

The game started to pick up speed. In the third minute of play, Püttlingen had a good opportunity to take the lead, but Jason Schröder defused it in goal. Only two minutes later Kai Seewald prevailed, his degree landed on the crossbar. After six minutes, Manuel Niebergall was alone in front of the goal, but failed due to the opposing goalkeeper. As a result, an intense game developed in which the "Zwädd" was always a little longer on the lever. On the right side in the person of Kai Seewald you always got dangerously in front of the goal, but the attacks were not played out consistently. Manuel Niebergall had another great chance after 36 minutes, which was missed again. After a corner kick by the Wambe, the guest quickly countered and took the lead in the 40th minute. The goal was preceded by a clear foul on Kai Seewald, who also had to get out at half-time due to injury. Get well soon Kai! The "Zwädd" shook briefly and was compensated by a penalty in the 45th minute by Manuel Dillenburger.

With anger in the stomach because of the wrong decision, the second team went into the second half. However, due to a lack of concentration in the game structure, the guests took the lead again with 1: 2 (54th minute). The reaction of the "Zwädd" was not long in coming. Two minutes after the goal, Manuel Dillenburger prevailed against several players, played around the rushing goalkeeper and pushed in to 2: 2. The guests were probably a bit shocked by the balance. Felix Stuppy took advantage of this a minute later to take the 3-2 lead (57 '). The Wambe played and kept up well. So after 75 minutes you could increase to 4: 2 through Jonas Fernsner. Another minute later, Püttlingen came on 4: 3 due to a goalkeeper error. After 80 minutes even the surprising compensation according to a standard. The strong morale of the "Zwädd" that day made the team fight back immediately. Free kick in from the half-field, header extension and Marc Maurer stood alone in the five-meter space and hammered the ball to the much-celebrated 5: 4 in the mesh. This was the end result.

A very important and well deserved victory for the second team. You could overtake Püttlingen in the table and is now in 6th place in the table. However, the league is so tight that there will be shifts in the tableau after each matchday. The view will probably go down until the end of the season. But with the kind of morality shown in this game, you are well equipped against the opponents to come. This morale and the fighting spirit will be the next game at table 13. arrive at the hard court in Altenkessel. With a win, one could go into the coming weeks more calmly.


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press report written by Spvgg Quierschied: Jan-Erik Schlicker