Important information for the away game on Sunday in Herrensohr

News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

Our sports association is about to start the league against Borussia Neunkirchen (Wednesday, 19:00 p.m. at the Franzenhaus) - everyone is happy that things are finally going again. At the moment there are also new organizational questions on the agenda for the clubs, including our opponents, of course.

The derby at TuS Herrensohr is on next Sunday (15:00 p.m.). TuS has 125 spectators approved through its hygiene concept. Unfortunately, only 30 of these tickets can be distributed to the guests from Quiigart.

Of the 30 available cards, some are already being distributed to players in the 1st team who cannot be in the squad for this game. In addition, cards are given to officials on the board. So that at least some Wambe fans can be there, we will raffle the remaining contingent. We ask for your understanding that association members are preferred. It can be assumed that there will be no more box office in the men's ear. As soon as we have information about it, we will of course inform.

We are aware that unfortunately a lot of loyal followers get nothing, but in these times we have to bow to the guidelines.

Members who are interested in a card should write an email to with their name and an easily accessible telephone number info@spvgg-qui . Entry costs 5 euros.

The deadline for entries is Friday, 09 a.m. During the course of Friday, the tickets will be raffled and will be ready to be picked up from the sports field on Friday evening. We will announce how many cards could be raffled and ask for your understanding that we can only inform those who are fortunate enough to receive a card.

We hope to be able to bring more spectators away with us in the next few games!


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