Fewer Nazi marches and right-wing rock concerts in the pandemic

The number of right-wing extremist parades and concerts has fallen significantly this year.

That was "apparently more due to the Corona requirements," said left-wing politician Ulla Jelpke to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday editions). Jelpke sees no reason to give the all-clear: "Especially in the numerous regional demos against the Corona measures, the extreme right plays an important role."

In addition, the number of racist attacks on refugees has leveled off at a high level. As can be seen from the response of the federal government to a parliamentary question from the left, there were 51 right-wing rock concerts with 1.500 spectators in the third quarter. In the same quarter of 2019 there were 82 concerts and more than three times as many spectators, at that time 5.000. In the second quarter, which was characterized by general lockdown and border controls, the security authorities only counted seven concerts, according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. In the first quarter there were 39 music events.

The development of the Nazi marches is similar. 24 marches with only 810 participants were counted in the third quarter, in the same period of 2019 there were 23 with 2.000 participants. From July to September, the security authorities registered 280 attacks against refugees - in the same period of 2019 there were 483. Jelpke criticizes the fact that the number of participants in the Dresden Pegida marches are no longer recorded in the government statistics without any justification.

"The Saxon authorities, which Pegida has only been classifying as right-wing extremists since the end of 2019, are apparently doing everything they can to reduce the Nazi problem," she complained.