Weidenfeller: Some teams lack the "greed for titles"

Roman Weidenfeller (on BVB
Roman Weidenfeller (on BVB
According to former BVB goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller, many teams in German professional football are currently lacking the "greed" for titles.

“The greed for success. Some simply lack that, ”said Weidenfeller of the“ Rheinische Post ”(Friday edition).

“The guys from FCB all want the title and live it in every single game. Especially in the top games it is the special types of players who subordinate everything to this goal and who are ready to the point. You can only learn something like that to a limited extent. ”Weidenfeller belongs to the last generation of players who did not work for FC Bayern and still won the championship title. The former goalkeeper rates the work of head coach Lucien Favre at Borussia Dortmund as good. “What he's done is definitely good. In two years he was runner-up twice, but of course the people in the Revier, especially in Dortmund, are longing for the title. ”Favre is an outstanding coach who is always developing young players.

"Since you compare every coach in Dortmund with Jürgen Klopp, every coach has a difficult time. Favre is not an entertainer, but more of a football romantic," he said. "There is only one Jürgen Klopp. You just have to accept that. What surely cost Favre credit, last year everyone thought Dortmund would surely be champions. ”

It turned out differently and that caused great disappointment. "I do think that he has the ability to develop this team."