Armed Forces Commissioner wants reservists to be checked by the MAD before work

The defense commissioner of the Bundestag, Eva Högl (SPD), wants to have reservists checked by the military counterintelligence service before they are called in to serve in the armed forces.

"The reservists who are called on for duty should be checked in advance for security," said Högl of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (Friday edition). The background are right-wing extremism cases, including among reservists, which had become known in recent months.

“Too little has been done so far,” said the SPD politician. While all applicants who want to join the armed forces have automatically passed a security check since 2017, there have been no such seamless checks for reservists. In addition, Högl explains, the responsibilities of reservists have not yet been clarified clearly enough between the constitution protection offices and the military counterintelligence service. She spoke out in favor of entrusting the military counterintelligence with this.

The Bundeswehr deployed between 16.000 and 18.000 reservists each year. Only those who move to posts that are safety-relevant are checked.