Weber considers “No Deal” Brexit ever more realistic

London Eye on the Thames, across dts
London Eye on the Thames, across dts
EPP parliamentary group leader Manfred Weber (CSU) considers a "no deal" Brexit more and more realistic.

"The clock is ticking and we have so far made no progress in the negotiations in essential areas that are important," Weber said on Thursday on Deutschlandfunk. "Michel Barnier wants to work constructively on the matter, but we have not made any progress."

The current situation gives him the feeling that Britain is pursuing the hard Brexit for ideological reasons and that this tactic could become serious. "That's why we as Europeans now have to prepare intensively for the worst case," said the CSU politician. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was "a prisoner of his election promises and the Brexit campaign". If it comes to a hard Brexit, there would be no question of who was to blame. “It is already evident today that the culprit is in London. With a government that no longer recognizes or does not want to implement the old treaties, it makes little sense to negotiate the new treaties, ”said Weber. “Johnson does it himself, the work, that he makes it clear that he really wants a hard Brexit and is then fully responsible for the consequences. From my point of view there is no blame game even in Great Britain, no question of who is responsible. "

In spite of all this, the EU will act as one.