Warning vests for kindergarten children

The head of the daycare
The head of the daycare center Ingrid König and chairwoman of the parent committee Bianca Arend (from left)

Pedestrian paths will be safer for the children of the KiTa Stennweiler. Since children are easier to miss in road traffic in the dark season, ADAC Saarland and the KiTa association have bought safety vests.

The signal effect of safety vests is undisputed. Slip on normal clothing and make the pedestrian visible over long distances even in cloudy weather.

The children like the striking vests and so nothing stands in the way of a safer trip into the forest or a walk.

The children and educators would like to thank the ADAC Saarland and the association for this donation and Bianca Arend "who managed everything".

Picture sources:

  • The head of the daycare: Schiffweiler municipality