Electoral law: Greens and leftists complain about the disempowerment of parliament

Constituent session of the Bundestag on October 24.10.2017, XNUMX, via dts
Constituent session of the Bundestag on October 24.10.2017, XNUMX, via dts
The Greens and Left have accused the government factions of disempowering parliament before the first consultation on a corona-related amendment to the federal electoral law.

"In the event of a pandemic, the draft submitted by the Union and SPD places the decision on whether and how digital party conferences should be carried out solely in the hands of the Interior Minister," said Left Chairman Bernd Riexinger of the "Rheinische Post". This concerns the passage according to which the “Federal Ministry of the Interior is authorized” to make different regulations for the list of candidates in the event of a natural disaster or similar force majeure event.

“But the right to vote must be a matter for parliament. That doesn't belong in the hands of the government. This disempowerment of parliament is unacceptable, ”said Riexinger. Michael Kellner, the director of the Greens, said: “The draft of the Union and the SPD to amend the federal election law is poorly crafted. The thing is not viable like that. ”In addition, the draft law lacks the modernization of the party law,“ so that it is more possible online to also elect party chairmen digitally in an extreme emergency ”. Kellner added: "I would like the grand coalition to wake up and come to a sensible settlement quickly." Riexinger also said that forming opinions with speech and counter-speech, emotions and spontaneous reactions cannot simply be transferred to the Internet. “This applies even more to elections, in which candidates usually introduce themselves personally. However, Corona shows us that we need a solution for times when face-to-face party conferences are not possible. This basically also applies to elections. ”For this, secure procedures are necessary that guarantee the highest level of data protection and protection against manipulation.

“It would be the task of the Federal Election Act to define the requirements for the procedures. The decision in individual cases must be left in the hands of Parliament. "