Election researchers: Large number of postal voters is a huge advantage for Biden

The US political scientist Michael McDonald believes that the high number of postal voters in the US presidential elections is "an enormous strategic advantage" for challenger Joe Biden.

Among the voters in the USA who have already cast their vote, the Democrats are far ahead - this trend has solidified, the election researcher told the “editorial network Germany”. Even if no statement with a view to the end result can be derived from the lead of the Democrats? Republicans can still physically appear in large numbers on November 3rd - McDonald sees an advantage for Biden.

"The Biden campaign no longer has to worry about millions of their voters who have already voted," he told the RND. Who has already voted will now be removed from the lists of campaign managers in the respective states? this makes it easier to efficiently address those potential supporters who have not yet voted. The US Democrats are already financially superior in this presidential election campaign: “Now, in the last two weeks before the election, they can use their larger sums of money much more precisely than the Republicans.” McDonald, one of the leading election researchers in the USA, is leading the way of the University of Florida the "United States Election Project". This research project brings together data from election officers from all over the USA. According to the latest information, 44 million Americans have voted ?? this corresponds to 31,9 percent of the voters in 2016. In Texas, New Jersey and Vermont, the voter turnout has already climbed over 50 percent, Georgia and North Carolina are likely to follow soon. Mississippi comes in last (4,9 percent). The politically most explosive finding: So far, more than twice as many Democrats as Republicans have used the opportunity to vote early. Voter party affiliation data is also regularly recorded in 19 states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania and South Dakota.

Of the previous early voters in these 19 states, 10,5 million were registered as Democrats and 5,3 million as Republicans.