VZBV boss demands "rescue package for consumers"

Queuing in front of a shop, about dts
Queuing in front of a shop, about dts
With a view to the corona-related losses for millions of households, Germany's top consumer advocate, Klaus Müller, is calling for further help for consumers.

"The effects of the corona pandemic can only be overcome if politicians keep an eye on the entire population and don't leave consumers alone," said the head of the German Consumer Association (VZBV) in the "Handelsblatt" (Wednesday edition). For some companies and industries, politicians have already put up "generous rescue packages".

Now it is time to provide targeted support to consumers. Previously, the green consumer protection ministers of six federal states had demanded a “rescue package for consumers” from the federal government. "Black-Red should take up this good advance and implement it promptly," said Müller. A rescue package for consumers is important and right. The measures brought into play by the ministers "would noticeably relieve many people and increase confidence in a balanced crisis policy". Like the ministers, Müller also pleaded for so-called prepayment transactions to be restricted when traveling. The credit moratorium should be reissued at the latest when further job losses and bankruptcies put consumers under additional pressure. The option introduced in March of suspending the servicing of loans has now expired.

The VZBV boss also spoke out in favor of capping collection fees. "That would finally stop the modern robber barons of a billion-dollar industry," said Müller.