Deliberately creating a fire hazard at the entrance to the hiking trail in Merzig - Bietzen

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| Image: Ingelheim police inspection

Merzig-Bietzen (ots) - As part of an investigation into the deliberate risk of fire in Merzig-Bietzen, in the area of ​​the entrance to the Bietzerberger Weg hiking trail, the police are looking for a young man, around 20 years old, around 175 cm tall, with medium blonde short hair, of strong stature and who wears glasses. The man is suspected of having set a meadow on fire using barbecue lighters. On August 13.08.2020th, 18, around 00:XNUMX p.m., a witness who happened to be walking by was able to extinguish the start of the fire and thus prevent the fire from spreading to meadows and forests.

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Posted by: Police inspection Merzig

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