From harmless flirtation to cheating

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District of Kusel (ots) - After transferring money to an Internet acquaintance over several months, contact between the man from the district of Kusel and the unknown woman broke off. The 75-year-old has now reported fraud.

Judging by the previous descriptions of the man, he should have fallen for the scam "Romance Scamming" - a faked love. The 75-year-old reported that he had been in contact with the woman who (allegedly) lived in Russia via email since September 2019. She made great promises of love and asked for money for various matters - including a trip to Germany.

The man kept transferring small amounts to a Russian bank account. After the last transfer in August 2020, contact with the woman suddenly broke off - there was no response to emails and inquiries from the 75-year-old. Only now did the senior decide to inform the police. The Commissioner for Fraud Offenses has taken over the investigation.

The West Palatinate police headquarters have already warned against this scam several times. The fraudsters seek contact with their victims via the Internet, especially social media, dating platforms and dating sites. Often an inconsequential chat and the "desire for friendship" result in an initially harmless flirtation. However, the perpetrators then quickly establish a relationship of trust with their victims, suddenly claim to have fallen in love and promise, so to speak, "the pink of love heaven" down. Usually a heartbreaking story is then served up, with which the helpful counterpart pulls the money out of the pocket.

That is why our recommendation is: Do not transfer money to strangers who you have never met in "real life" and who you do not even know whether it is actually the person he or she claims to be!

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Originally written by: Police headquarters West Palatinate

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