International Criminal Court, on dts
International Criminal Court, on dts

International lawyer criticizes Trump threats against criminal court

Cologne international lawyer Claus Kreß warns of the consequences of the threats of US President Donald Trump against employees of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

"The consequences of being classified as a dangerous person are so far-reaching that occasionally there has been talk of their 'civilian death'," the lawyer wrote in a guest article for the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" (Monday edition). Trump chose the intimidation of officials as a form of dispute with the court, which is not recognized by the United States, writes Kreß.

"The founding treaty of the International Criminal Court states that intimidation of officials with the aim of causing them to fail to perform their duties is a crime against the international administration of justice." With his decree, Trump also puts the World Criminal Court in US law, which is called to punish genocides, crimes against humanity, war crimes and wars of aggression, "on a par with, for example, transnational terrorist organizations and with associations that are committed to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," criticizes Kreß , who is also director of the Institute for Peacekeeping Law at the University of Cologne. The United States sees the Hague Tribunal's investigation into possible war crimes by US soldiers in Afghanistan as a violation of their national sovereignty. According to Kreß, however, “the contractually defined jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court does not contradict any norm of international law, it even falls short of what is permissible under international law”. The international crimes, for whose punishment the Court was created, affected the international community as a whole. Kreß essentially classifies Trump's approach as a demonstration of power. “The Court cannot back away from this without severely damaging its integrity. Above all, those charged with investigating the situation in Afghanistan will require dedication and courage to stand up to the US threat. ” Until the US presidential election, "there is only hope that it will not come to the extreme".

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