Four times wanted person arrested-search success of the federal police

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Saarbrücken (ots) - On Thursday yesterday, federal police officers at Saarbrücken main station found a person in a TGV from Paris who had been searched several times. The 31-year-old Algerian identified himself during the inspection with a Swiss document that does not legitimize crossing the border. This led to the suspicion of unauthorized entry into Germany and the person was taken to the office for further examination. It turned out that the person with an arrest warrant was wanted by the Cologne public prosecutor's office for theft. He was also banned from entering the Schengen area by the Belgian authorities. During a subsequent search, the officers discovered a forged French ID document. Since the Algerian lives in a refugee accommodation in Bern and has already applied for asylum there, a judge at the Saarbrücken district court decided that the person should go back to Switzerland. When he was transferred to the prison, the accused repeatedly resisted the officers, for which he is already known in Belgium. There it is waiting to be taken back to Switzerland.

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Originally written by: Federal Police Inspectorate Saarbrücken

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