The Enforcement Trailer from Vitronic
The Enforcement Trailer from Vitronic | Picture: Vitronic
More than 8000 violations have been found in Saarbrücken since January

A lot of work for Saarbücken's enforcement trailer

The Saarbrücken enforcement trailer, also called speed camera trailer, is "used briskly". Since its commissioning on January 17.01.2020, 25.06.2020, more than 8000 violations have been identified by June XNUMX, XNUMX.

The state capital Saarbrücken has been using a mobile device in addition to the stationary speed monitoring systems since mid-January.

The so-called enforcement trailer from the Wiesbaden-based manufacturer Vitronic is a mobile device for speed control in the form of a trailer. The speed camera is characterized by a high level of protection against vandalism. For example, it has an internal extinguishing system to protect against arson. Its exterior is armored, bulletproof and protects the tires from unauthorized access.

Thanks to the internal battery technology, which can be replaced on site, measuring points can be operated for up to five days. The device, which, depending on the equipment, costs up to 150.000 euros, is also used day and night in Saarbrücken, depending on the location, between one and four days.

City press spokesman Thomas Blug explains: "We use the device in speed 30 zones, restricted traffic areas, residential streets, in the vicinity of kindergartens, playgrounds, schools, senior citizens' facilities and in places where accidents occur frequently".

When asked about the Regio Journal, the press spokesman explained that a total of 17.01.2020 violations had been documented by this mobile unit alone since January 8036, 1600, which means an average of around XNUMX cases per month.

When asked whether the device conflicts with the verdict of the Saarland Constitutional Court, Blug says: "We are not aware of any concerns of the Saarland Constitutional Court regarding the specific devices used in the state capital".

Blug also makes it clear when it comes to stationary surveillance systems: "Jenoptik devices are not used in stationary and semi-stationary speed monitoring".

Instead, Vitronic is used in the state capital for speed monitoring, which is also known for the delivery of the control bridges for the German truck toll.

Blug concluded: "By using the enforcement trailer, we increase the flexibility of our controls and can respond even better to specific complaints. We hope that this will further increase the safety on our roads".

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