Siegfried Thiel
The late social democrat Siegfried Thiel (SPD) | Image: Mathilde Thiel

VHS St. Ingbert: Obituary for Siegfried Thiel

The VHS St. Ingbert sends an obituary to Siegfried Thiel.

The death of Siegfried Thiel is sad news for the St. Ingbert Adult Education Center, especially for all the loyal visitors to his philosophical events, as the primary school loses a competent and popular lecturer with him. The VHS philosophy offering has been associated with his name for more than a decade. After several other attempts in the earlier decades of the VHS, Siegfried Thiel has finally managed to successfully install the delicate little plant philosophy in the educational offer of our adult education center. The fact that this gratifying development was possible is partly due to the fact that Siegfried Thiel always carefully and carefully considered the topics of his philosophical working group, but also, of course, how he could interest others with real-life philosophical thinking, questions and questions with his very personal pedagogical sensus . He didn't want to give lectures, that wasn't his way, he didn't want to remain with alleged certainties. Rather, he wanted to get closer to the knowledge in conversation with others, in dialogical cooperation. In this respect, he was guided by the principles of the founding father of European philosophy, Socrates, who compared his philosophical endeavors with the art of midwives and saw himself, so to speak, as an obstetrician in thinking and recognizing.

For Siegfried Thiel, these were self-evident premises from which he chose his subjects. And these topics were diverse, whether it was Plato's dialogues, Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Arthur Schopenhauer or Hannah Arenolt, Hans Georg Gadamer or Martin Heidegger. His Sunday matinees under the motto "Philosophy in Conversation", matinees, were particularly popular and in demand, which could then be continued with a visit to a restaurant together with the participants. The philosophical weekend seminars he organized at Himmerod Monastery were particularly well received. Occasionally there were "philosophical picnics" in the biosphere reserve.

Everyone who showed an interest was welcome at Siegfried Thiel's events. His winning, friendly nature, his humorous naturalness made no fear of anyone. In this regard, too, he was predestined for the adult education center as a speaker and lecturer.

As a member of the advisory board of the VHS, Siegfried Thiel supported the work of the adult education center with commitment. Thanks also to him for that.

Albrecht Ochs
Chairman of the VHS Advisory Board

Picture sources:

  • Siegfried Thiel: Mathilde Thiel