Ministry of Defense plans to introduce female ranks

Ministry of Defense, about dts
Ministry of Defense, about dts
The Department of Defense plans to introduce female ranks later this legislature.

This is reported by the "Welt" (Friday edition), citing documents according to which Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) should submit a corresponding proposal for a decision in the coming week. Preparations have therefore been underway since the beginning of July.

In the minutes of a table discussion, which was approved by State Secretary Gerd Hoofe and the Department Heads for Personnel and Management of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Klaus von Heimendahl and Lieutenant General Kai Rohrschneider, it is said that an agreement has been reached, Minister Kramp-Karrenbauer “a proposal to introduce women To make rank designations ”. The intention is "to change the order of the Federal President on the rank designations and the uniform of the soldiers in this legislature". So far, the ranks have been preceded by the salutation “woman”. In the future, the rank itself should be changed, but with a few exceptions.

The plans envisage “not to change the terms captain and colonel”. So there should be no main wife and no colonel, but there should be a sergeant or boat wife, a lieutenant colonel or a brigadier general. As a result of the table discussion, the legal department head, Andreas Conradi, was commissioned to work out “a specific proposal for implementation”. A time and communication plan should also be drawn up, it said.

In the coming week, on September 15th, Kramp-Karrenbauer is to finally get a "template for decision" on the table. At the request of the "world", the minister did not want to commit yet. A spokeswoman for the ministry said that Kramp-Karrenbauer had not yet been involved “with projects on this particular point”. In general, equality between women and men is "a consistent guiding principle in the business area of ​​the Federal Ministry of Defense", and equal treatment in terms of language is "one of many issues".

The women in the Bundestag Defense Committee are skeptical about the plans. It is "completely irrelevant" to her whether there are female rankings, said the defense policy spokeswoman for the FDP, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, the newspaper: "But I think that the Bundeswehr has other concerns." The SPD defense politician Siemtje Möller thinks it is “in principle good” to think about “non-discriminatory language”. "When I speak to female members of the Bundeswehr, however, they do not complain about a non-gendered rank, but about a lack of protective vests, too few boots or empty clothes closets so that they don't have a flight suit of their size."

The real problems of the troops would be with the material: "A gendered rank is nice to have, but does not fix the deficiencies in the equipment, especially for women," said Möller of the "Welt".