Attempted robbery, assault and threats to the detriment of a young person

| Image: Ingelheim police inspection
| Image: Ingelheim police inspection

Merzig (ots) - Yesterday evening, around 21:43 p.m., there was an attempted robbery in Merzig, Blättelbornweg, to the detriment of a 16-year-old teenager. The teenager was riding his mountain bike past the Merziger Tierpark in the direction of the city park when he noticed two young men on his way. After the youngster was at the level of the men, one of them immediately kicked the youngster's MTB, causing it to fall to the ground. Subsequently, both people demanded cash from the youth. After he said that he did not bring any money with him, they threatened the boy. They then fled towards the city park.

The young person, who fortunately suffered only minor injuries from the fall, can describe the men as follows:

Perpetrator 1: around 18-20 years old, had short, dark hair, wearing a white T-shirt and long trousers, the person had a tattoo on his left forearm

Perpetrator 2: around 18-20 years old, had short, dark hair, wearing a dark, sleeveless T-shirt and long trousers

Both perpetrators spoke German without an accent

Investigations initiated immediately by PI Merzig were unsuccessful.

People who can provide information about the two perpetrators described are asked to contact the Merzig Police Department, phone 06861/7040.

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