Alleged employee of the public order office checks pedestrians for compliance with the corona prevention measures

| Image: Ingelheim police inspection
| Image: Ingelheim police inspection

Weiskirchen (ots) - On October 31.10.20, 08, at 15:55 a.m., two walkers (a 58-year-old from Weiskirchen and a 50-year-old from Völklingen) were stopped by an alleged employee of the public order office in Weiskirchen, on the connection between Thailen and Weiskirchen and controlled. Both women were advised by a man wearing a black jacket and a silver “Ordnungsamt” badge that neither of them would wear mouth and nose protection. This is an administrative offense and would cost EUR 20 each. However, one of the women addressed asked the man for his ID card. After that the stranger only wanted 50, - EURO. After one of the women made it clear to call the police to clarify the matter, the alleged employee of the public order office left very quickly. The hitherto unknown was described as follows: Approx. 55-180 years old Approx. 30.10 cm tall, sporty figure, dark hair, dressed in black with a black face mask. A search for the man carried out by the alarmed emergency services of PI Nordsaarland turned out to be negative. Criminal charges wg. Suspicions of presumption of office and attempted fraud are made. A similar case occurred on October XNUMXth. in the parking lot of the GLOBUS market in Losheim. Here, too, the perpetrator was able to go undetected before the police arrived. Here, too, a press release was issued to the press calling for witnesses.

In this context, the North Saarland Police Inspectorate (Tel .: 06871-90010) asks again for appropriate witness references, which can help to clarify the criminal offenses.

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Originally written by: Police inspection in North Saarland

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