Traffic accident escape in Losheim

| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters
| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters

Losheim (ots) - On Tuesday, September 15.09.2020, 21, around 25:268 p.m. on the B 268 at the level of the exit to the reservoir in Losheim, there was a traffic accident with subsequent escape. The injured party (driving school car) drove the B XNUMX coming from Britten in the direction of Lebach and was overtaken by a white SUV despite oncoming traffic at the above location. When cutting back in, there was a collision with the driving school car. The person who caused the accident drove away with his white SUV without stopping and at high speed. Nobody got hurt.

Relevant information about the perpetrators should be sent to the Lebach police station, Tel .: 06881/5050 or Merzig, Tel.:06861-7040.

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Posted by: Police inspection Lebach

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