Traffic accident escape in Homburg - Beeden

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Homburg (ots) - On Tuesday, November 03.11.2020rd, 21, around 45:1 p.m., there was a traffic accident escape on Blieskasteler Straße in Homburg-Beeden. A previously unknown road user with his vehicle, presumably a VW, brushed against a white XNUMX-series BMW with Homburg district number plates parked on the right edge of the lane of Blieskasteler Strasse, in the direction of Homburg city center. The left side of the BMW was significantly damaged by the accident. After the collision, the person who caused the accident left the scene of the accident without permission.

Witnesses who can provide relevant information about the crime are asked to contact the Homburg police (06841/1060).

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