Traffic accident escape, injured party wanted

Bexbach (ots) - On Friday, 25.09.2020/00/00, around XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. in Bexbach, probably in the area of ​​the elevated road in the direction of the traffic roundabout, a traffic accident occurred, as a result of which a car / truck that was probably parked on the right was streaked by a passing Opel Zafira and was not insignificantly damaged.

The person who had caused the accident only reported the traffic accident to the police a few hours later. However, the driver of the Opel Zafira was unable to name the exact location of the accident and was unable to provide any specific information about the damaged vehicle. According to current investigations, it could be a blue or green painted vehicle.

Please send information to the Homburg police station, Tel .: 06841-1060.

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Posted by: Police inspection Homburg

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