Traffic accident between cyclists and cars on Poststrasse in St. Ingbert

Truck front | Image: Kaiserslautern Police Department

St. Ingbert-Mitte (ots) - On Saturday afternoon, September 05.09.2020th, 14, around 50:17 p.m., there was a traffic accident between a Mercedes and a 06894-year-old cyclist. When the Mercedes driver tried to turn into Poststrasse from the Schmelzer parking lot, he overlooked the cyclist who was driving on the sidewalk. There was contact between the bicycle and the car, and the cyclist was not injured. Even so, the bike was damaged. After a short conversation between the Mercedes driver and the cyclist, the Mercedes driver left the accident site without leaving any personal details. Witnesses noted the man's identification number, but the names of the witnesses are also not known. There is a suspicion of fleeing a traffic accident. The St. Ingbert police asked witnesses of the traffic accident to report on 1090/XNUMX.

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Posted by: Police inspection Sankt Ingbert

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