Traffic accident / call for witnesses

Saarbrücken (ots) - On Sunday, September 13.09.2020th, 45, a 14-year-old Saarbrücken driver drove his car down Richard-Wagner-Strasse in the direction of Dudweilerstrasse at around 00 p.m. Here, for an unexplained cause, he came off the road to the right when driving on a right-hand bend and collided with a massive barrier post. The driver was not injured; however, the car was totaled.

To clarify the exact course of the accident, people who can provide information about the accident are asked to contact the Saarbrücken-Stadt police station on 0681-9321233.

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Originally written by: Saarbrücken city police inspection

The text is a press release from the responsible police authority. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team.