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Traffic accident involving an injured person under the influence of narcotics

Bad Kreuznach (ots) - On June 22, 19.06.20 at 13:20 p.m. a 41-year-old man drove the car from the B61, coming from the A24, towards Winzenheim. A 22 year old man drove his car in the opposite direction. The 24-year-old came into the opposite lane with his car in the corner area and collided with the 24-year-old's car. After the accident, the 9000-year-old's car hit the guardrail on both sides. Total damage occurred on both cars. The police estimate the total damage amount to approximately 24 euros. The 22-year-old complained of severe pain in the neck area after the accident. During the accident recording, there were indications that the XNUMX-year-old driver was under the influence of narcotics. A quick test confirmed this suspicion. A blood sample was then taken from the man. He faces a fine and a driving license that will be withdrawn for several months.

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Originally written by: Bad Kreuznach Police Directorate

The text is a press release from the Bad Kreuznach police department. The text was not edited or changed by our editorial team.

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