Traffic accident with injured cyclist

| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters
| Image: West Palatinate Police Headquarters

St.Ingbert (ots) - On 02.07.2020/07/39 at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m., the St. Ingbert police inspection was notified of a traffic accident between a cyclist and a vehicle at the confluence of Dudweilerstrasse and Schlackenbergstrasse.

The location was visited by a command from the above-mentioned agency. Here the cyclist was already in an ambulance and was given first aid.

According to the current state of knowledge, the 22-year-old cyclist from St.Ingbert was initially on a bus, from which he and his bike got off at an adjacent bus stop. After getting out, the cyclist got on his bike and drove on the sidewalk in the direction of Sulzbach. The 85-year-old driver from Sulzbach drove Dudweilerstraße coming from Sulzbach and wanted to turn left into Schlackenbergstraße.

Both the cyclist (from the sidewalk) and the driver subsequently drove into the junction area and collided with each other. The cyclist was loaded on the windshield, injured and taken to a nearby hospital.

The 85-year-old's vehicle was no longer ready to drive because the windshield was broken. During the accident, a bus with passengers was at the bus stop mentioned above.

If someone has observed the traffic accident and can provide information on the course of the accident, please report back to the St. Ingbert Police Inspectorate on telephone number 06894/1090.

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