Traffic accident with seriously injured pedestrian in Homburg-Beeden

| Image: Police Directorate Kaiserslautern

Homburg-Beeden (ots) - On September 08.09.2020th, 11, 33:68 am, the 54-year-old car driver drove up Turmstrasse in Homburg-Beeden, coming backwards from Hofstrasse. The 19-year-old pedestrian crossed the lane on Turmstrasse at the level of the “Ackerstrasse XNUMX” property.

When reversing, the car driver disregarded the particular caution that was incumbent on him and collided with his right-hand rear of the vehicle with the pedestrian, who then fell onto the road and remained unconscious on the ground. She was hospitalized seriously injured.

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Posted by: Police inspection Homburg

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