Traffic accident with several injuries after previous persecution followed by resistance

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection
| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Tholey, Sotzweiler, Lebach-Thalexweiler (ots) - On Monday, July 13.07.2020, 18, from around 50:XNUMX p.m., a chase trip from Tholey took place between a police vehicle and a car, a gray Mercedes-Benz. As a result of this, the Mercedes driver disregarded all the stop signals and continued his journey in violation of all traffic rules. In particular, several vehicles were overhauled in Tholey, despite oncoming traffic. From then on, further persecution by the police was no longer possible from Sotzweiler.

A short time later, a traffic accident occurred in Thalexweiler with the named Mercedes. This drove the B 269 coming from Sotzweiler in the direction of Lebach-Thalexweiler. During an overtaking maneuver, a collision with a Peugeot occurs. In the further course the Mercedes throws against a wall. The car is thrown up and remains on the roof. Three of the four occupants of the Mercedes are slightly injured by the accident. The Peugeot occupants are also slightly injured. The Mercedes driver still resisted the police officers on site and injured a police officer. A blood test was ordered from the Mercedes driver to clarify the ability to drive.

The investigation into the accident and the act of resistance is still ongoing. Possible witnesses or other injured parties should report to the Lebach police on Tel: 06881-5050.

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