Traffic accident with several damaged cars and subsequent escape

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Schmelz (ots) - On the afternoon of October 16.10.2020, 18, around 15:06881 p.m., the driver of a Seat Leon, color gray, drove down Hüttersdorfer Straße in Schmelz in the direction of Nunkirchen. Even before the roundabout there, the driver overtook several vehicles and collided with the car in front of him when he cut in again, which stopped in front of the roundabout due to the traffic. After the collision, the driver accelerated his seat and drove at excessive speed through the roundabout, the rear of which swerved to the right and collided with a metal post. When leaving the roundabout in the direction of Nunkirchen, the Seat drove over the traffic island located there into the opposite lane. Later there were further collisions with two vehicles. The driver then fled via Robert-Koch-Strasse in the direction of Reimsbacher Strasse. The car involved in the accident was found in a wooded area outside the Schmelz location, but the driver could no longer be found. The investigation into the accident is ongoing. Witnesses to the incident please contact the Lebach police on Tel: 5050/XNUMX.

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