Traffic accident with flight

| Image: Kirchheimbolanden police inspection

Saarlouis-Roden (ots) - On Friday, October 16.10.2020, 19, around 00:66740 p.m., a traffic accident occurred in “Bergstrasse” in XNUMX Saarlouis-Roden, in which a car collided with a car parked on the edge of the road and subsequently fled the location. The volatile car is said to be a silver-colored BMW car.

The traffic accident could be observed by a cyclist who happened to pass the location. However, the cyclist could no longer be identified on site by the Saarlouis police during the traffic accident record.

The cyclist described above and other possible witnesses of the traffic accident are asked to contact the Saarlouis police on 06831/9010.

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Posted by: Saarlouis police inspection

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