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Traffic accident in Marpingen

Marpingen (ots) - On Wednesday, June 17.06.2020, 17.00, around 29 p.m., a heavy traffic accident occurred in Marpingen. There was a XNUMX-year-old car driver from the municipality of Marpingen in Urexweilerstrasse with his car in Rtg. Urexweiler on the go. In these weather conditions, he lost control of his car. He got off the road and crashed into a house wall. This caused damage to the vehicle and the house wall. With regard to the cause of the accident, it is assumed that the speed has not been adjusted. As part of the accident recording, it was also found that the driver was drunk. This may also have been the cause. The corresponding police measures have been initiated against the driver.

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Originally written by: Police inspection Sankt Wendel

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