Traffic monitoring under the supervision of international experts

Büchenbeuren (ots) - For the third time, the English-language "TISPOL Road Policing Seminar" took place at the Police University on the Hahn campus. The specialist seminar is offered annually for emergency services and managers with traffic police tasks. This week, 35 experts from 18 European countries exchanged views on current traffic law issues. TISPOL has set itself the goal of improving road safety and law enforcement across Europe. The focus is on reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries in road traffic through permanent traffic monitoring. Together with the EU, the number of road deaths is to be halved by 2020. This is intended through collaboration in working groups, research projects and a constant exchange of experience. In addition to traffic accident prevention and traffic monitoring, TISPOL also relies on topic-related public relations. Cross-border control actions, but also coordinated police statements on questions of road safety work are also set goals. Germany and especially Rhineland-Palatinate as a transit country are of particular importance here.

The seminar not only included a visit to a control operation by the Koblenz police headquarters on illegal changes to vehicles. An intensive exchange also took place on the topics of drones, dealing with recurring notorious traffic offenders, possibilities of data readout in serious traffic accidents and illegal car races. A meeting of the road trip team of the EDWARD project also took place. This transport project will take place Europe-wide for the fourth time on September 26, 2019. The visionary goal of “Project EDWARD” is to reduce the number of road deaths on this day from an average of 70 per day across Europe to ZERO.

“The specialist seminar again served as a successful joint European advanced training course to promote the exchange between colleagues at the grassroots level. The seminar participants act as multipliers in order to pass on the “best practice approaches” from the seminar in their home countries or their home offices, ”says Police Director Patrick Brummer, lecturer and organizer of the seminar.

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