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News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied
News from the 1st team of Spvgg Quierschied

After the opening win against Borussia Neunkirchen, our 1st team went to the derby in Herrensohr on Sunday. On the morning before the game, our trainer Thomas Bettinger received further bad news in addition to the fact that Meddy Krauss had been canceled (red card). Lukas Grünbeck and Steven Kuntz were absent for a short time due to illness. A total of 9 players were missing from the first team's squad.

Coach Bettinger brought 3 new players into the starting line-up: Jens Lorang, Max Simonett and Yannik Eiler from the 2nd team. 125 spectators were allowed to attend, our fans from Quiigart apparently had the best relationships and so there were a good 70 Wambe fans on the sports field in Kaltnaggisch. In addition, about 50 on the fence - outside the artificial turf. And from the first minute they saw a team that got their hearts in their hands and passionately plowed the derby. Qui Various looked very well ordered from the start and dangerous against the well-known opposing team through counterattacks.

The first good chance of the game resulted from a standard: Julian Fernsner forced goalkeeper Georg Amann to make a brilliant save in the 23rd minute. A minute later, Amann reacted strongly again. After a cross pass from the right, Lars Kaula failed at the TuS goalkeeper, then “Kauli” headed the rebound on the crossbar.

Herrensohr played cautiously, but with striker Valentin Solovej he still had someone in the game that you always had to watch out for. The first goal danger for the home team came in the 26th minute when Alexander Otto crossed inside - and Solovej headed one meter past Benny Schmitt's box.

In the 35th minute, the Wambe had another good chance: Fernsner shot a free kick to the crossbar from 22 yards. Quiersche was the better team in the first section - it went 0-0 into the break.

TuS got stronger in the second half. And in the 2th minute Matthias Schneider had the opportunity to take the lead, but his header after a corner flew over it. Then in the 56th minute the 60-1 for Herrensohr. Alexander Otto pulled over the left into the penalty area and slid the ball into the right corner - no chance for Schmitt.

It took Quiigart briefly to digest the blow in the neck, but then showed great morale and braced himself against the impending defeat. And so there were numerous opportunities for our sports association. But goalkeeper Amann was mostly on the spot, or a few centimeters were missing when completing attacks from outside. In the 88th minute, TuS defender Simon Ikas flew off the pitch, Herrensohr had to make do with ten for the last few minutes.

Spvgg.-Coach Bettinger ordered everything to the front in the 4-minute stoppage time, and with Nico Culum brought a tall player to the front for the long balls. And it paid off! Robin Gehring, who was also substituted, played the ball into the TuS penalty area. Culum skilfully put his head down, Kaula was there and scored the overdue 1: 1 equalizer. After that, the Wambe even had a chance to win, but Herrensohrs Tim Greulach cleared the last minute in front of the bullet-ready Fernsner.

Rewarded for the effort! Our boys cheer about the 1: 1. Photo: Willi Jost.

In the end, Quiigart brought home a point - and thanks to a strong performance, it was more than deserved! Next Sunday the FSG Ottweiler Steinbach will come to Qui Various (kick-off at 15:30 p.m.).

Information on the next home game (e.g. advance ticket sales) will follow.


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