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Suspicious vehicle in Gersheim-Niedergailbach

Gersheim-Niedergailbach (ots) - Last Wednesday, June 10.06.2020th, 02, at around 00:XNUMX a.m., the doorbell rang several times on a residential property in Von-Bolanden-Strasse in Gersheim-Niedergailbach. When the house owner then went to the front door, all he could watch was a blue van with a Polish license plate moving away from his home. He could no longer see any people, nor did he recognize any people in the vehicle. A police check of the Polish number plate did not reveal any suspicions or concrete investigative approaches.

At the moment, false news is circulating on social media, according to which several men would violently gain access to houses by ringing the bell and then rob the residents. The police have no knowledge of this. Nevertheless, suspicious perceptions should be reported to the police immediately.

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