Consumer advocates: situation of the travel industry self-inflicted

Vacation offers in the travel agency, about dts
Vacation offers in the travel agency, about dts
Germany's top consumer advocate, Klaus Müller, sees the difficulties of the travel industry in the Corona period as partly self-inflicted.

"The situation for the travel industry is definitely gloomy," said the head of the Federal Consumer Association (VZBV) to the "Handelsblatt" (Monday edition). That is why the establishment of a travel insurance fund would have been “more than necessary” in the spring in order to provide companies with liquidity.

Like the federal government, however, the industry relied on compulsory vouchers for canceled trips. "The companies wanted to push the costs of the crisis through to consumers one-to-one," said Müller. "That was bold? and a strategic mistake. So the time was missed to give the industry effective support from the state. "

According to Müller, the aviation industry in particular caused problems for travelers during the crisis. "The complaints about travel and flights at the consumer advice centers in the peak phase of the pandemic, compared to the same period last year, increased twenty-fold," said the VZBV boss. “There has never been such a development in the long history of our association.” The consumer centers still registered complaints about paid flights that were canceled but not reimbursed.

“It's a scandal,” said Müller. "A ray of hope is now that the travel industry is gradually rethinking its consumer-unfriendly cancellation policy."